Color and its energy in the house

Each of us, having his own house or apartment, or at least his own private room, tries to create a cozy space around him. A very important role is played by the selection of colors in a particular room. And it is no secret to anyone that different people prefer different color palettes. But nevertheless, there are general rules for choosing a color that will dominate a room or an entire apartment, house.Each color evokes its own associations. For example, blue and blue are the colors of the boundless sky and the deep sea. This color brings a person peace, relaxation after a working day and gives him a deep, sound sleep. The more blue color is present in the interior, the greater the feeling of relaxation and peace. Interestingly, the light blue color can cause a playful mood and a desire to fool around, because these shades do not cause, on a psychological level, signs of aggression or other negative consequences, unlike other colors.People who are domineering and energetic by nature prefer red, as it causes a feeling of excitement, drive, passion and constant tension, but besides all this, it has a very good effect on our nervous system, on the liver and encourages constant movement. By the way, it is often recommended to paint the boys' rooms in this color, so that it stimulates them from childhood to move, without stopping, to their goals and dreams. And the girls' rooms are in blue, so that they grow calm and feminine.The interior, which is dominated by yellow, is chosen by people who are looking for liberation, as it symbolizes, on the one hand, the sun, joy and wealth, and on the other hand, it is a symbol of illumination. Yellow can also have a negative meaning (treason, betrayal, anxiety), so you should be careful when choosing the color scheme in your interior.Green is the same color, people like calm, loyal and reliable. It is the color of life and boundless energy. Everyone knows that it is a combination of blue and yellow, so it contains all the positive trends of these two colors.Thus, we see that the selection of colors for your interior is a very responsible and very important activity. To determine which color will dominate in a particular room, you need to sit down with your family, have a cup of tea, in a calm atmosphere and find out what your preferences are for each of the family members, then determine the similarities in the choice of colors. Only then, together, you can choose what colors you would like to see in the rooms of your house, apartment, cottage and even garage. Dumpster rental